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Additional Projects

This interior space project was aiming to design an interior space with a fixed rectangular volume. Therefore I choose to design a residential space where the client is Picasso. 

20190211_000556 (1).jpg

The concept of this beach hut is to represent the comparison between the city and nature by using organic and geometric shapes.


The purpose of this review was to study the Bordeaux house and to further analyze it structurally and aesthetically and to understand the main concept of its design.


The elements sculpture, is designed to be an interactive human sized sculpture which has three main elements in its design.


The Idea of this storybook, is to capture the journey I took from Gunwharf Quays to Old Portsmouth with two different perspectives.


This method in mapping was to capture the movement and eye catching spots throughout the city of Portsmouth for urban development purposes.

Image by T.H. Chia
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