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Major Projects

These are some of the major projects I designed throughout my journey in architecture. These projects are focused mostly in designing commercial and residential buildings. 


The residential and commercial hybrid is designed to be located in the beautiful city of Peckham. Where it has a unique entrance from the main commercial area, the Rye Ln. 

The Journey Museum is designed to be located in old Portsmouth facing Gunwharf Quays and the Spinnaker Tower. The Museum is design to let the visitors to take a journey about the history of Portsmouth in the second world war and how it effected the city.

Screenshot (552).png

This urban development aim to re-design the city of Peckham to encourage the community to be more socially active. 

This Building is designed to be located in the Hayling Island, this island attracts visitors from all of the United Kingdom for different seafront activates.


The design concept is aiming to bring the community together in a small bakery, where the visitors and volunteers could learn how to bake in the learning space and help to prepare and sell the baked goods in the bakery and the café.

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